Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hey Fans of Applesauce Crafts!

Hi everyone! I'm not entirely sure about the new Facebook giveaway rules, only that you're not allowed to do them unless you buy like $20,000 of ad space or something ridiculous like that. So...welcome to my blog giveaway instead. Which has ~nothing whatsoever~ to do with Facebook :)

I'm so pleased people are enjoying the things I make for Applesauce Crafts. I love to do it, it really gives me a good outlet being a sahm. And it gives me a reason to load up on ridiculously cute fabric.

So...thanks to all that are my fans on Facebook, that have hearted me on etsy, and that have made purchases. If you haven't done so yet, why don't you head over to one of those places and fan me/heart me/or buy something?

I would like to say thank you by giving away a bib or a Wee One of your choice to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment with your favorite bib from my shop, or a suggestion of something you would like to see, or the color combo of the owl you think would be a keeper. I'll randomly draw a number Friday, February 5th, and let you know who won!

Again, thank you guys so much for supporting handmade and my little corner of etsy!!


Fiona said...

Hmm this is a tough one, so I asked the girls which owls they liked the best.
They were no help at all!
Emily says blue is prettiest (I want blue owl Mama), and Sofie says pink is best because it is clearly a girl owl!
The thing I would like to see would be a choice of base colours for the birthday crowns. The crowns and awesome and I would love to order them for the girls for their birthdays, but think it would be great to be able to choose colours (pink and blue of course!).

newmami_rgv said...

They are all so cute... but I think I'll go with "The Blessed V" grandma will LOVE it!
Thanks for a chance
vetsmom_rgv at yahoo dot com

Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

Do I have to pick one thing? Hm. Well, I love the wee aprons, especially the blue with the pyramids, but would love to see pink... Also loving the owl dudes!

sunnymama said...

I don't know how I missed visiting your Etsy shop before now. I had seen the pirate coffee cup holders, when you posted a picture on Ingrid Liddle is Kind of Cute, and I think they are great! You have so many lovely fabrics for the coffee cup holders, bibs and other things. My only suggestion would be more fabrics like these! If your giveaway is open worldwide I would love to enter to win any of the gorgeous bibs. I love them all but I think my favourite is the Deco Rose. :)

Anna said...

I think the pirate booty bibs are super cute! I also love all the owls too though. That would be a tough choice :)

Amanda said...

I love your sweet little aprons! Precious!

heather said...

yay a giveaway.....but give my spot to someone else as i already have one of your sweet owls!!!