Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Felt and Fabric Makes Mama Happy

Today I went and ran errands by myself.  How ridiculous is it that going to Target and Joann Fabrics without a kid in tow is my idea of girls day out??  I was so excited to be by myself, to browse through Target and check out all the little baby stuff for a friend that's due in a couple months.  I had to try on bathing suits, which in itself is very NOT exciting, but to be able to shudder at my fat bottom without a kid in the dressing room with me made it a bit more doable. 

And then I got to roam through the fabric store and not worry that there was a line at the cutting counter.  I got into a conversation with two grandmas about what they were making and how they started sewing when they were my age.  And now their daughters are 43...Someday Ingrid will be 43, how insane is that??  I got a bunch of new felt and a couple yards of the best green fabric, and some of the felt was in the remnant bin, which means half off! 

I got home to a happy girl and husband, and after Brendan left to go to work I put Ingrid down for a nap.  Usually I can't lie down until I know she's sleeping but today I just closed my eyes and drifted, took a 20 minute cat nap to the sounds of her reading her books in bed, and I woke up to silence.  She fell asleep with stuffed animals and books in bed with her!  Score!  I was fully prepared to get up and get her up and try to figure out what to do this afternoon, but now I can keep relaxing and get some sewing done! 

Great day. 

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