Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What a Good Day!

This morning I thought today would suck. Ingrid was up until almost 2am last night, in and out of our bed, crying, and being unhappy. And then even after all that she was up at 6:30! I could barely open my eyes this morning, even after three cups of coffee.

But...we had a great day! It snowed a little, which Ingrid kept talking about. We made more paper snowflakes for our window since she managed to rip off most of them. We colored, of course, and I cleaned, although you wouldn't ever know it looking at the mess that's all over now.

Ingrid (and I) took a nice nap and then ate lunch. We took the dog outside, even though it was freezing! The dog park gets this huge lake in the middle when it rains, and then it freezes into a little ice skating rink. Ingrid loves to watch me wobble and slide on it, and even tries herself. It was so cold, I felt bad about her little chapped cheeks, but she cried when I said I needed to go in. My ears were frozen even with a hat on...Yuck winter.

When we came in I made cupcakes. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook? I adore it. Every time I need to make something there is a nice straightforward recipe in there. I got a Martha Stewart one from a friend, but she was right--it's too fancy! I never have most of the ingredients she calls for, and none of the molds/pans/fancy serving things she demands. But the BHG cookbook is awesome. I made yellow cake, which looks really good, and once they're cooled I'll make chocolate cream cheese frosting to go on top. Mmmmm!! My pants are busting open already!

Then the maintenance man came to tell me that yes, our dishwasher was broken, and no, he can't fix it. So I have done dishes four times today!! I forgot what a pain that is, I've been spoiled for a year now with a dishwasher...Ingrid helped me do dishes, and by helping I mean splashing and taking a cup and pouring water all over the counter and floor. The silver lining of that is that I got to mop the floor afterward! Which sadly has not been done since we've moved in, I bet.

Once one set of dishes were done, it was time to make dinner--ham and pepper quiche. Ingrid was still splashing in the water, therefore taking up two of the three tiny areas of counterspace. I had to move stuff around and try to make room to roll out a crust, but I managed! I am always so stupidly proud of myself when I can make multiple things in our tiny kitchen and have a toddler underfoot.

So now, quiche is in the oven, cupcakes are cooling, Ingrid's watching Charlie and Lola and I'm about to go change my clothes because they are a pastey mess from dishwater and flour. But overall great day!


MaryAnne said...

Sounds like a great day! And now you have me craving cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting...

heather said...

yum that quiche sounds good. i love BHG i use it all the time. last night pip and i made caramel apple cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!

Jami said...

Ben did the dishes with me today too! He actually did a good job, we both had to change afterward, but I was surprised how he kept it in the sink! He loved it. We had pretty similarly good days :) Except we didn't even step foot outside :P