Friday, July 31, 2009

Should There Be Another...

These are the things I will remember if we have another baby:

1. The first six weeks are hard and I will let the baby sleep wherever, whenever and not worry I'm forming bad habits.

2. I will wear the baby more than I wore Ingrid. I didn't know about wraps with Ingrid, we had a front pack and I used that instead of a stroller and when I wanted to get things done and she was fussy, but I will use a wrap and really WEAR baby #2. If we have one, this is all hypothetical :)

3. I will try to nurse. I have meds I'm on and I don't want to NOT be on them, but I never really tried to find out if there were similar meds that I could've nursed on. Formula sucks, I don't think it's evil, but BF would be so much easier I think.

4. I will try to cosleep. We had Ingrid in our room but I was so crazy about every single noise she made that I would jump up and check on her. We both slept better in separate rooms. Until just a few months ago when she started getting up every hour for a couple weeks--I would've loved to be cosleeping then so I could stay in bed and try to comfort her instead of getting up, walking to her room, rocking her, putting her down, walking back to my room, getting in bed, and then hearing her cry again.

5. I will for sure cloth diaper from day one. Now that I understand how much money those stupid disposables cost when you can get super cute cushy cloth ones, I can't believe I went a whole year using them!! I am such a convert!

I just read a blog carnival about cloth diapering and what you know now that you wish you'd known then and it just got me thinking of having a kid in general. There are so many things I wish I would've known when Ingrid was born. But that's a dumb reason to have another kid, right?


Lyndsey said...

Oh man! I can't wait to try all the things I know now on baby #2!!! I know I'll have another one partly for these reasons :-)

By the way, there are these nifty cami shirts that actually allow you to wear your baby up to 15lb right against your skin. I didn't find out about them until kaius was already more than that, but you can bet I'll be wearing one of those whenever there's baby #2!

MaryAnne said...

Great list! I didn't start CDing my first child until she was 10 months old, and like you once I started I couldn't believe I spent so much money on ugly disposables!

I love my wrap for tiny babies, but I'm all about my Ergo for older babies, I hardly ever use my stroller any more!

Molly said...

hmmmmm, it sounds like you're already ready! : )