Friday, July 24, 2009

Morning Walks

I love our morning walks. I get Ingrid in the stroller and Cody on his leash and we take off. We usually do the same 2 mile walk along the street in front of the apartment complex. It takes us by the lake and through big old trees and we always meet the most random people. Today it was an older gentleman with ankle weights and a weighted vest walking along using ski poles. Another day was a man on a bike pulled off to the side eating berries of the vines that grow all over the place.

While I walk Ingrid usually just goes along for the ride. She points out planes in the sky or birds that fly in front of us. I end up daydreaming about where our life will take us. Usually I daydream about where we'll move to when Brendan is done with his fellowship. Will we go back to Milwaukee? Will he get a job with the government and we'll end up in the DC area? Or will he look for a job in Colorado so we can live by mountains like we want to? So many possibilities!

Other days I daydream about buying a house and fixing it up. I am not one to look for a turnkey house. I really want an old house with good bones that I can strip off wallpaper, paint the walls, redo the floors, paint the cabinets, put in new countertops. I want to be able to see my work when I'm done, feel like it's our home because we put so much of ourselves into it. Of course, I've never taken on a project like that, so we'll see if/when it becomes a reality how jolly I feel about it...But it's great to daydream.

I love that anything is possible in daydreams. Yeah, we probably can't afford to put in new flooring throughout the whole house when we buy a house but I don't care! We totally will not be able to afford living in the DC area, but I don't care! I think it's good for the mind to wander and have a chance to go over things. That's what my morning walks are for, and if Ingrid gets fresh air and Cody gets to pee on everything, then that's just an added bonus :)

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