Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Job

I love my job. I love that I get to sit here on the computer with a cup of coffee while Ingrid reads books. I am in my pajamas, I haven't yet washed my face or brushed my teeth, I don't even have to until I'm good and ready for it. I love that I get to just...be.

My days consist of figuring out how to entertain a one year old and making a mental list of what needs to get done around the house. And if I have a free minute I can watch dvr-ed House Hunters or do some crafting. Or both! Or take a nap!

I really enjoyed being a nanny because it wasn't like a "real" job. But there I had to do things according to someone else's idea of what was good for the kid, good for the house. Here I get to do whatever I want because it's my kid, it's my house, and if the laundry piles up because I just don't feel like doing it that day, I don't have to explain it to anyone!

I feel like this is just the job meant for me and I thank my lucky stars that Brendan is such a dedicated scientist and that he loves to work and bring home the bacon. And I like that he seems to appreciate everything I do around here and doesn't make me feel like I should be working a job outside the home. He knows how important it is for Ingrid to have a parent watching her all day, and he knows that if I'm home it means he doesn't have to do much around the house because I get it done.

Obviously there are cons to this situation (no sick days, no going home at 5pm, no sleeping in on the weekends) but I think the payoffs are worth any of those cons. I just feel so lucky that this is my life :)


Jami said...

Thank you, I needed to think about this stuff today :)

MaryAnne said...

I love my job too, for the same reasons :)