Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And Here is Where I Ramble.

I have Ingrid's blog, which was originally for keeping my family up to date with her. Then I started finding all these amazing blogs on the web and it's got me thinking of so many things: homeschooling, attachement parenting, nursing/formula feeding, crafty things, eating a more healthy diet, having only one kid or more, and other random things. So instead of making my family read about that when all they want is to see cute pictures of my daughter, I started this side blog for me and my ramblings.

I love comments and conversations, so let me know you stopped by and if you have any wisdom to share with me :)


Lyndsey said...

I'll be your first follower! I love Mama blogs of all sort.

Jami said...


arwen_tiw said...

Hey! I just found this - loving your ramblings, and your mama-wisdom. *grins*