Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Possible TMI

Sorry, everyone, this may be too much information. BUT--I have to share. After using cloth diapers I see how it's really not as gross as I thought it would be. Or else I'm just desensitized to poo and wee. But it got me thinking about other paper products that I use and could get rid of. I already stopped buying paper napkins and paper towels, we just have a big stash of cheap-o washcloths from Target we use. I got rid of disposable diapers, I would LOVE to get rid of toilet paper and use family cloths (but fat chance of that with Brendan, I don't think he'd go for it!) And then I said wait, pads! I use pads! I throw them away! They must go!

So, off to etsy I went, and after a little browsing, I found these cloth pads. I ordered a starter pack of 5, got them in the mail, washed them with Ingrid's diapers a couple times, and then waited (and waited) to use them. When it was time, I was so excited! A) because I thought I might be pregnant and DID NOT want to be, and B) because I had these really cute flannel pads sitting in my drawer waiting to be snapped into my underwear!

It's been a couple days now and the verdict is in: I LOVE THESE THINGS! They work so much better than even my best name brand pads, I haven't had a single leak even at night, and let's face it, they are so much cuter than looking at white plastic that has god knows what chemicals in them...After using them you just rinse them out in cold water, keep them wet until you wash them, and then I just threw them in with the diapers. Easy peasy and they're ready to use again today.

At first I was grossed out because it's...blood. But then really, I deal with so much poo from Ingrid, is it really that much worse?? To be honest, dealing with raw chicken grosses me out way more than either of those bodily functions. So if you're squeamish, it may not be for you, but if you already cloth diaper or have a strong constitution, try them!! I just ordered more from this lady and now I'll have a complete set for around $60. I'm so pleased!


arwen_tiw said...

Aren't they great! :)

I find it takes a really very short time for something new to become so normal that you'd never go back... Haven't used a disposable sanitary product in three years!

Jami said...