Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's Gonna Be a Great New Year!!

I'm not one for new year's resolutions, but I have been finding myself thinking of goals for this next year.  2010, it sounds so futuristic!  I made some joke about Ingrid doing college spring break the other day, but I stupidly said "woohoo, spring break 2013!"  Brendan pointed out that's only in three years, and that hopefully Ingrid won't be on spring break getting drunk at age 5.  Let's hope not.

Anyway, goals for the new year.  First and foremost, I'm excited to get back to sewing for my etsy shop.  I have big plans in my head for the future of Applesauce Crafts.  I've been reading sewing books, trying to get better and make my things look a little more professional.  I still like the wonkiness of homemade, but it would be nice if they looked a bit...straighter?  I got more business cards, and return labels, and I'm getting sew on labels printed.  I have a list of the ten things I want to have in my shop, and I have a really good stash of fabric hiding in my closet that I can use.  Other than batting and thread, I think I have everything I need to whip up some good items.  Except time, that is...

I also would like to lose some of my butt.  Brendan was putting together a dvd of old Ingrid videos and I cringed to see how small I was a mere six days after giving birth to Ingrid.  I'm larger now.  A year and a half later and I'm feeling enormous.  I have never been one to care about weight in numbers, but when I can pinch a few inches of back fat and my pants stop fitting, it's time to rethink what I'm doing.  Or, what I'm not doing...which is exercising.  I used to run and lift weights and I was so in shape!  And I know it's just an excuse, but it's hard to exercise with a 19 month old!!  I tried to lift weights the other day and she came and sat on me, and when I tried to move her she screamed and cried.  And the stupid snow makes it nearly impossible to go walking--my one tried and true form of exercise taken away from me because our town does not do snow maintenence on sidewalks.

I think this new year is going to be great.  Brendan's going to get a jobby job and we're going to move for real, like to the town we'll be living in for more than a year.  Our credit cards are almost paid off, aside from the occasional toothache, we're healthy.  Ingrid's a joy to watch grow and learn.  Things are good.


Chari said...

Spend just $15 on Jillian Michaels 30 day shred plus a couple dollars for a 3 lb set of weights if you don't have them and literally that's all you need to get in shape.
The workouts are only 20 minutes (but so intense) and it works every body part. You can do it while she takes a nap OR just let her watch you (Ethan likes watching me) while you do it.
There ya go, no excuses with that workout :-)

heather said...

i can't wait to see what you do for your shop! i am hoping i will get around to opening my shop!!! i will email you penelope's measurements so you can make her some pants!!!