Friday, December 11, 2009

CoSleeping is Pretty Cozy

Yep, another post about sleeping.  Sorry, everyone, but it's a major thing here right now--did we get any?  How much did we get?  Who slept where?  How does that affect our mood? 

Last night and the night before Ingrid fell asleep in her bed, woke up as we were going to bed, and begged to go in our bed with us.  It's funny, she is absolutely screaming and crying and snotting and wailing "mamamamaamamma" and the second I go into her room she stands up and, with no hint of the previous crying, says "Bed?" and points to our room.  Drama queen.

So last night she slept with me, all cuddled up and kicking my bladder and making static sparks with her pjs and blanket.  We fell asleep right away, which I'm realizing doesn't happen often for me.  She, and Brendan, can hit the pillow asleep, but I take awhile usually.  However, with my little lady all curled up by me, I drifted off in no time and we both slept the whole night through.  Brendan came in as he was leaving for work to say goodbye, he actually had to wake us up!  We said bye and then laid in the cozy bed as the cats came up to say good morning and sniff us, and it hit me how awesome that is. 

When Ingrid was in her crib and crying every hour or so, I got no sleep, obviously.  And hearing her cry made me feel crappy.  And having to get up out of bed and go to her was annoying (and cold.)  Having her in bed with us is so warm and cozy and I sleep so much better.  I'm so glad she finally sleeps in our bed!  It seems counterintuitive but I really wanted her to be able to cosleep so those nights she was upset I could bring her in. 

Our doctor tried to tell us at our last appointment that if we wanted to sleep we'd have to take two weeks to let her cry it out.  "It'll take a long time but it will be worth it."  Inside I was cringing and rolling my eyes, but I just nodded and said uh huh.  And we really did do that once or twice, and she fell asleep...for an hour or two.  Nothing has made her sleep through the night quite like being snuggled between mama and daddy.  Take that, doctors.


MaryAnne said...

Cosleeping is the only way we've gotten our kids through jetlag at all on this trip. It's great to hear that you are finally getting some sleep!

Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

Lo started sleeping in his own bed straight away...and was a horrible sleeper until age 2 1/2. Now he sleeps like a rock. Cesca on the other hand, had slept with us from day 1 until only a few months ago...and ALWAYS slept well. There is something about being cozy, safe and warm that I'm sure helps anyone sleep better.

Lyndsey said...

I swear by cosleeping! Thanks to it, I've never felt like I'm lacking in the sleep department. And, waking up in the morning to a smiling little one is INCREDIBLE.

Now, I have a friend who has always coslept whose 16 month old still wakes up every TWO hours! The whole family acts like zombies from lack of sleep! I can't even imagine!