Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Party Preparations

Did I spell preparations right?  I'm having one of those moments where words all look wrong to me.  And they make no sense when I say them to myself.  I think I had too much coffee this morning. 


Sunday we are having a party for a few friends and their kids.  I am so excited to have people over!  We're getting our tree Saturday, then I'll be baking and cooking all morning Sunday to be ready for our afternoon of fun.  During Ingrid's nap today I've been making little goody bags for the kids, and ornaments with their names on them. 

I love getting things together for a party.  Ingrid and I went to the store and just wandered around looking at festive things.  We got a tiny string of lights to put up on our holiday shelf, and some santa napkins and plates, and toys to put in the goody bags.  I have lists of food things I need to get ready, and presents all wrapped and ready to go under the tree.  I've been listening to holiday music on Pandora and it even started snowing.

It's Christmas, everybody! 

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