Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where Have You Been All My Life???

My sewing machine came from the UPS man today. For one thing, when I think of sewing machines I think of 40 lb. monstrosities, seeing as I've been using one from the 60s. So I see the UPS man holding a big box and I think, oh, no, he's gotta lug that thing all the way up the stairs! However, I grab the box from him and my first thought is "they forgot to pack the sewing machine in here!" It is SO light!

When I finally got a chance to use it, I broke the needle. I had the bobbin thread going the wrong way...BUT, once I got that right, and a new needle in, oh my god. The fabric just glided right through!!! I barely had to touch the peddle for it to go. And when I wanted to try all the different stitches, I just had to push a button. And suddenly it would go from straight line to zigzag. From zigzag to this really cool loopy stitch I don't even know the name for.

I loved my mom's machine, it has done me well and I learned a lot on it. But lugging it out of the closet every time I wanted to use it was awful. And having the pedal stick on me so it kept sewing when I wanted it to stop five stitches ago was so frustrating. I'm just so excited to make things! And I was pretty damn excited before!

I have a Brother CE4000 and I love it. I'm sorry, 1968 Riccar, it's over. I've moved onto a younger model.


Lyndsey said...

Im so jealous! I;m trying to teach myself on this OLD kenmore I found, but I think I may have broken it!

MaryAnne said...

I love the way Brother machines are so lightweight. I hope you enjoy many happy years with your new machine!