Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby Fever

Yesterday I went nuts cleaning and rearranging the furniture. I moved the dresser from Ingrid's room, which meant I had to put all her stuff somewhere else, I moved a couch, I organized closets. It was insane. During all this madness I came across three things that induced a severe case of baby fever.

Number one: a packet of pictures my friend had taken throughout my pregnancy. It starts at 14 weeks where I actually look better than I do now (sad but true...) and goes all the way to 38 weeks when I'm rockin' a bikini. I just love pregnant bellies! I have always had a flabby belly so being pregnant was the only time I've ever liked my shape, because I didn't have to suck it in!!

Number two: my journal from that year. It starts a few months before I got pregnant, when I was so worried I wouldn't be able to get pregnant, when I was talking about Clomid and adoption, when I was worrying over the timing with Brendan finishing school and all. Then there's the time when I was pregnant but didn't know it, to the day I simply wrote "4:30am, two blue lines. I'm pregnant. Holy s**t!!" And then throughout the pregnancy, feeling the baby move for the first time, finding out it was a girl, all the names we called her before settling on Ingrid. And finally up to the week before she was born where all I could think about was getting her the hell out of me so I could meet her already!!

Number three: teeny tiny baby clothes. I went through all her clothes to see what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to get rid of and all these memories just came flooding back from when she was that small. Oh, small babies, you are so cute! Ingrid is definitely more fun now than when she was a tiny lump of baby, but she was pretty darn cute as a four month old...

So all in all I'm having major baby fever. And yet at the same time I'm so excited for my etsy store having opened (and I got my first order!) that I can totally see just having Ingrid and starting to really focus on a business. It's a blessing and a curse that I can see the positives of most things, I swear to god.


Molly said...

I always hate to clean the kids closets, it breaks my heart to look at all the baby clothes!!!

Jami said...

Hey, congrats on the etsy sale!!! You should see all the stuff I've saved from Ben's little(er) days..

Lyndsey said...

Oh wow, congrats on the Etsy sale!! yay Mama!

As for babyfever...BOY do I know what you mean! I keep bouncing back and forth between wanting another RIGHT now, and wanting to wait and build up my doula business and maybe even go ahead and start training as a midwife. *sigh* our ECing is going badly right now, so my hubby says no more babies ever, but he's just annoyed at all the accidents Kaius has been having :-0

heather said...

yay i am your first sale!!!! take it from a mom of three you just gotta find time! i find that i create more with each child i had! now focusing on one thing that's another story. my crafting goes all over the place. i also work a couple of days a week doing hair. so it can be done!