Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moving Time!

Not so fast, Amber!  We haven't found a new place yet.  BUT, we did just hand in our official notice that we're moving at the end of the month.  Hooray!  So long, apartment complex living, with your smelly hallways, your roaring showers, your washing machine in the upstairs apartment that is always off balance as it's being run at 11pm. 

So far we have found two places that seem okay.  One is by the university and is a side by side duplex, which I've lived in before.  Shared walls but it's only on the side of the bathroom and the stairs.  And it has a yard!  And hardwood floors!  And Brendan could be home by 5:30pm!  The other is a huge house a block away from our friends.  It has three bedrooms, a yard, is in a cute little small town where I could walk everywhere and barely need a car anyway.  Brendan would still have to commute, though, and heating an old house like that will really add to our expenses.  The guy hasn't even gotten back to me though, so I shouldn't be counting on that house being available anyway!

It's exciting to think of moving and setting up house in a new place.  Not exactly what I'd been planning on, staying here in Michigan, but it's not bad.  I really do like my friends and if we are in a better place to live, I know I will be able to enjoy myself here.  Especially during the summer, I'm imagining walks in the park, barbeques in the backyard, and walking everywhere I can.  Because I will be able to walk places, unlike here where there's a ghetto Domino's pizza, a carwash, or a rundown gas station in walking distance. 

So long, Ypsilanti, I won't miss you.


Carly said...

Good Luck with the move:) Hope it goes well.

MaryAnne said...

Both places sound good to me, for different reasons. I would love to be within walking distance of everything - we can't walk to ANYTHING, and it drives me nuts.

heather said...

my friend from wisconsin called the place we live in a duplex...i had never heard it before she said that. we call them attached must be a midwest thing