Friday, April 30, 2010

Itching to Be Done

Living with half your life in boxes sure does suck.  I wanted to be prepared and have things boxed up well before the day we moved but I'm realizing now how much it wears on my nerves to want to do something and find the supplies are in a box. 

Mainly I'm talking about sewing.  First I was sick, so I didn't feel like doing anything anyway.  And then the etsy shop was super quiet, I made one sale the whole month of April.  I was pretty over the whole thing, thinking about not doing etsy anymore even!  Then I got home from the hospital to find three orders.  And in the past week I have had three different conversations about custom orders.  And I have been thinking of things I want to make for Ingrid's new room.  And I forgot about a birthday present owl I had to make and I packed the stuffing away! 

So, I'm itching to get sewing!  I want to make bunting for Ingrid's birthday party, something like this.  I love Candace's choices of fabric!  I also have some more motivation to make things for the shop.  And of course I have to outfit our new house with curtains and pillows!  So much I want to do and all my fabric and supplies are boxed up. 

You know what really bugs me is that we can get our keys tomorrow but President Obama is making a speech at the UofM commencement.  It's taking place at the stadium which is exactly one block away from our new house.  So...all the roads will be blocked off and there's no way I want to try to get through that traffic!!  I could be moving tomorrow, I could be getting things settled again, and instead I'm going to be stuck at home without Brendan (who will be in Chicago at a friend's wedding) wanting nothing more than to be getting into our stinkin' new house!! 

I am so impatient.  What's one more day?  I should quit my complaining and just go pack up the rest of the house.  Or play outside with Ingrid, it's supposed to be in the 70s today! 


ringmaster said...

i have been wanting to call and see how everything is going...but i know how it is when you are trying to move!!! call me when you are settled!

MaryAnne said...

Good luck with the move!