Friday, February 12, 2010

Any News?

Nope.  Things are still the same here.  Day after day of waking to Ingrid calling, "Mama?  Mama?"  Getting the coffee made, being bleary eyed while she reads her books and colors--always with the white crayon...

It's snowed and we've managed to make it out and play a couple times.  I really hate it but Ingrid could spend hours sitting in the snow, stomping on ice, splashing in puddles.  I'm so glad Brendan likes outside things like that.  I hated sledding as a kid, I will not take her to do those types of things.  Which is why I'm grateful for my husband!

This week we have not left the house once.  Brendan has taken the car all week and we've kept ourselves busy at home.  Lots of sewing, baking, whining, playing, sleeping, watching Yo Gabba Gabba.  The usual.

Brendan has sent out his resume to a few places, though, so every day I hope he hears something.  From anyone, just give me a hint where we'll end up!  It's really hard to daydream when I don't know where we'll a sister out.

We are planning a trip to Milwaukee, just the two of us!  My mom will watch Ingrid and we're taking a train back and seeing friends and having adult time.  Hooray!!  Thank god for grammas, am I right? 

And now today we finally get the car and are off to a Valentine's themed playdate.  How exciting!  Getting out of the house!!  Which means I have to go take Brendan to the bus stop.  Hope your day goes well :)

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