Thursday, January 19, 2012

Homeschool Question

I like the idea of homeschooling and I don't believe kids need the "socialization" that school brings.  But...I know Ingrid is a social butterfly and loves to be around kids her own age.  So I need to know how other homeschooling parents deal with this.  Are there other homeschoolers around that you meet up with?  I'm trying to get one together around here but I'm not sure how many other homeschoolers there are.  There have to be more, right?  I'm in a city!  There are tons of people here, I'm not the only one thinking of homeschooling. 

Any  advice would be appreciated!!


MaryAnne said...

My sister homeschools, and she's been able to find a great local community! I think yahoo groups have been her best resources. There must be other homeschoolers in your area - good luck finding them!

Fiona said...

Not to mention that kids socialise in places other than school too.

Don't underestimate organised activities like ballet, swimming, music, etc. as well as simply hanging out at the park, lake, or soft play center.

I think kids usually make sure they meet their social needs without too much help. Whenever we go to a park (for example) my social butterfly Sofie will always make at least one new friend, and Emily (who doesn't really 'do' social) won't.