Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pros and Cons

I've been in the hospital for a week and a half now, halfway there to 34 weeks!  I'm getting sick of it and then someone comes in to make my bed with fresh sheets and I realize it's not all bad...So to make myself feel better, here's a list of pros:

1. People bringing me food.  And water, and juice, and snacks if I so desire.
2. People bringing me fresh towels and sheets.
3. Getting to nap throughout the day, whenever I feel tired. 
4. Not having to chase around a 2 yr old or hear "play with me, Mama!!"
5. No dishes to do or floors to sweep!
6. Time to do crafty stuff or read books. 
7. Full control of the remote control, with no husband turning it to football or daughter begging for cartoons.

However, I must vent as well.

1. People coming in every four hours to take my temperature, blood pressure, and to ask me the same stupid questions over and over and over even though I have never once answered yes to any of them.
2. 5:30am non stress tests for baby.  Seriously, they have to do it at 5am?? I'm here all day long.
3. Eating the same food every day.  I've tried pretty much everything on the menu and there are some things that are good, some that are disgusting, so I now only have a few choices of things to eat. 
4. Eating in bed, by myself.  That's kind of depressing...I miss family dinners with my little family.
5. Only seeing Brendan and Ingrid for an hour at a time, and most of the time Ingrid is going nuts being confined to a little hospital room where she gets told not to touch anything (there are wires everywhere and what 2yr old doesn't want to grab wires??)
6. Feeling that I could do this at home just as well, and then being told my amniotic fluid is too low for me to go home.  And then being told low amniotic fluid isn't going to cause any problems.  So why can't I lay in bed at home then?

Someday this will be something I'll throw in Otis' face when he's giving me grief "I layed in a hospital bed for three weeks for you!"  But for now it's just a frustration.  Which will pass, and then we'll have a wee baby to coo over. 


Chari said...

I just don't get the 5am stress test! Hoping this time passes quickly for you!

Fiona said...

Oh Amber, I really feel for you. It is hard when you have to do stuff that is in the best interests of your child, becasue deep down you don't really have a choice.

I think being in hospital long term is hard, and I admire you greatly for sticking with it.
Oh and it is always good to be stocking up on ammunition for the difficult times later on.

I already love telling the girls 'I wasn't in labor with you for 0 minutes (planned c-sections)just so I could shovel snow off my own driveway'!!
Hang in there Mama Liddle.

Woolly Wanderer said...

Well done for remaining sane!
Hugs San

MaryAnne said...

You have a great perspective! And Otis is definitely doing a good job of making sure he doesn't get lost in Ingrid's limelight!