Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh Nursing, How I Love You.

Oops, I forgot about this blog for awhile...But I've had stuff going on, forgive me.  First of all, Otis is here!  He came December 16th at 33wks and 4days.  Read all about it here.  He stayed in the NICU for four days and then was discharged just in time for Christmas!! 

Things have been going really well, he's a good sleeper and overall very mellow.  He barely opens an eye when his big sister screams an inch from his face.  But the best thing is that he has taken to breast feeding like a champ!  The first week was hard, we supplemented with formula while he was in the hospital and I had to pump every three hours to make sure my milk came in.  It did.  He still didn't get latching on though, so I was using bottles.  I hated it.  I hated having to pump, I hated the whole washing twenty pieces of plastic and sterilizing them and then being able to finally feed the poor kid. 

But now, almost two weeks later, Otis is latching on and feeding.  Sigh of relief!  It is the most amazing thing ever.  I didn't nurse Ingrid, and I never felt like I was missing out on anything.  We certainly bonded just fine, and I always rocked with her when I gave her a bottle, she never was just given a bottle to hold by herself.  But...this is different.  Feeling every little tug, knowing I'm making this milk just for him, when he needs it.  I feel a lot more emotional about it than I thought I would.  To me, nursing this time around was just going to be cheaper.  But I will be sitting there on the couch with Otis attached to me and I just smile.  I don't know if it's just crazy hormones or what, but it makes me feel so happy that I can do this for him, I can nourish him. 

I love that I can just hold him and feed him without any extra preperation.  No bottles to mix, formula to measure, nothing to fumble around with.  At 2am when he starts squawking, I just lift him from his bassinet and feed him, no big deal.  If we're out and about and he gets hungry, I can feed him, whether I forgot the diaper bag or not.   Cheap, convenient, and it makes me happy.  Can't go wrong with that, can you?  I just wish I had known what I was missing with Ingrid...


Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

Its so easy to look back on things and think of what could have been. I think you already know it was perfect for what you needed THEN. Now you're doing whats perfect for NOW.
Anyway, good job both of you. :)

Woolly Wanderer said...

congratulations! glad to read all is going well.
Well done
San x

Chari said...

Congratulations!! He is SO cute!! I've been wondering if you had him yet since I didn't follow your other blog just this one.

Your post makes me want to cry (for happiness) for you about the nursing! Nursing at times isn't easy (for most women), but it is SO worth it. God gave us those wonderful feelings when hormones are released when we nurse our babies for a reason, it's the most wonderful bonding experience ever! Keep it up!!

Carly said...

I did not nurse my 1st son either,but my 2 till 5 months, and now my daugher and I are still going strong at 3 months. I know exactly what you are feeling:)

Fiona said...

This post just made my night. I am so pleased things are going well.

But remember you didn't 'miss out' with Ingrid, you did what worked best for you as a family at the time.

I am glad nursing is going well this time around. Nursing my girls is one of the most priceless experiences of my entire life. Seriously.

I cherish the memories and the sense of satisfaction I gained from meeting the exact needs of my child at the exact moment they arose.

We nursed everywhere, and for a very long time. I am glad you are also getting to experience this absolute gift.
Go Mama and Go Otis.