Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Preparing for the Bub

Well, I am officially in maternity clothes.  I tried a big skirt a few days ago and when I sat down I felt like my uterus was being smooshed.  So, elastic waist, here I come!  I love wearing maternity clothes for the most part anyway, I never had a hard time adjusting to them.  I always have a poochy belly that doesn't fit right into regular pants so to not have to camouflage it is heaven!

Today Ingrid and I went to the local cloth diaper store and looked for some prefolds.  I have had a hell of a time getting some used off!  If you order them brand spankin' new for a dozen, they are usually around $27 with shipping.  Some people wanted $29 for their used ones!  Maybe they are crazy good ones, but still, I am not paying more for used than for new, thank you very much.  Anyway, today I found 18 little wee newborn prefolds for 60cents a piece!  Considering these may only work for a month or so, hooray for savings! 

I also looked through the baby section at Target yesterday.  How on earth do people not find out the gender beforehand??  You used to be able to get gender neutral green or yellow but now every single thing is pink pink pink or blue blue blue.  Even when I knew I was having a girl I hated to buy pink, so that really bums me out that you can't even get green stuff anymore.  Or if it is green it has flowers and ruffles.  Sheesh, not all girls are frilly.  Luckily we are good thrifters in our house, so we have a couple boxes of teeny shirts and gowns and footed pjs to get us through the first month or so.  They look so tiny!!  Ingrid kept holding things up to her saying she was going to wear it, I don't think she quite gets that she isn't the baby I'm talking of anymore!!

Other than that, we aren't really feeling the need to prepare too much more.  A friend has a car seat and bassinet, we already have a couple slings, and I know how to make blankets :)  Plus, what's the point of preparing much in our house if we're not going to be here?  Brendan just informed me that his job will be done in February so he'll have to have a new one lined up by then.  I looked at him dumbfounded--"You do realize I am due January 30th, right?"  His job, by the way, will most likely NOT be in the town in which we currently reside.  Which means a big move out of state either being immensely pregnant or with a very newly born baby.  Gulp.  I am not sure how to take this, as I was under the impression we were going to be here until spring, giving me at least a couple months to get used to two kids before having to schlep them to a new house...

So, preparing what I can right now is all I can do.  Diapers, gowns, and tshirts.  The rest we'll figure out later!


MaryAnne said...

In the UK they sell a lot of white newborn clothes (they aren't supposed to tell you what you're having), and I think it's the perfect brand-new-baby neutral option. Stains usually bleach out with sunlight, and it's easy to add pink or blue bows, etc once you know if you're having a boy or girl. But I'm with you, I've always found out because I love to know!

Fiona said...

I am loving reading your baby preparation posts - such an exciting time, and just thinking of new born cloth diapers makes me smile. Such a sweet, happy time.

Chari said...

I find that everyone lists their stuff on diaperswappers so expensive! I put some diapers on there and marked them higher and still no bites...guess I need to mark them down a tad.

Yes there wasn't much we bought when preparing for Ethan! All I bought was onesies and they were practically all white and yellow. I made all his flannel blankets which most looked kind of boyish prints anyway.

Yay for maternity clothes! I miss shirts that cover my whole bottom LOL

Lyndsey said...

I can't believe the bad timing on hubby's job!!! Yikes! We started our travels when Kaius was 7 weeks old, but I can't imagine doing it with an even younger babe...PLUS a 3 year old! Of course, the other option of being enormously pregnant AND moving sounds much worse! I hope things work out somehow!

As to the whole preparing thing, you're so lucky! Because of our traveling life, I've had to give away just about everything we used (which wasn't even much to begin with)...sigh, even my cloth diaper stash was sold. The next time around though, I have a feeling I'll be more handy at the diy part...maybe even try my hand at sewing up some prefolds. I'm just dreading the carseat and Swing! (def. want one next time!) buying.

Also, I absolutely LOVE maternity clothes...and I just heard that Forever 21 now carries a maternity line...oh, and Victoria Secret is now carrying a nursing bra. I absolutely cannot wait to start wearing maternity again! lol.

Also, is there anything in particular I can knit you for the baby? I totally am knitting you something, but you can let me know what you'd really use the most.

Amber Liddle said...

Lyndsey that is so sweet! I love hand knitted things. I'll leave it up to you to decide what :) I have no idea.

We also had nothing left over b/c I was very vocal about having one and done! So we're starting from scratch with baby things. I have been thinking of making prefolds as well but then we found these newborn ones--maybe I'll try the next size up.

arwen_tiw said...

Aw Amber! I can get lots of beautiful neatral baby things in charity shops here. :) I shall commence baby browsing without your consent. ;)