Friday, March 12, 2010

Can You All Just Stop, Please?

Hey everyone, quit having babies!  I swear to god, the past couple weeks every single blog I follow has had a post saying Mama is preggo...Not that I'm not happy for you all, because I am!  But I'd be a whole lot happier if I were at least trying myself.

Brendan is in the process of applying for jobs.  He is stressed out.  He is only 90% sure he wants another one.  So, we are talking about baby #2 once he gets a job, maybe.  It's kind of driving me nuts, I want to just start trying now.  He's going to get a job, I mean, he's got a phd in chemistry.  He'll get a job!  So I'll just be a few months pregnant when we move, no biggie. 

Can you tell I have no patience?  Which is funny since my mind changes a lot about having another one.  It's pretty much set to baby #2 though, especially after the other day when Ingrid saw a baby in a stroller and was all like "hi baby!  hi baby!"  I can just imagine her with li'l bro or sis, being the big helper. 

So yeah, we're a few months away from even being able to try and it's driving me crazy.  We got lucky with Ingrid, she was our first try.  But I just have this feeling we won't be so lucky next time.  Which is silly, because I didn't think I could even get pregnant and we did right away--why not the second time around, too??  I'm an impatient worrywart, such a great combination...

So anyone who's pregnant, I am happy for you!  I'm just going to be crabby about it until it's my turn :)  Sorry.


MaryAnne said...

No preggo lady here - just adorable baby pics =P

Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

This made me laugh so hard this morning that I *slightly* peed.
Big fat pregnant ladies are totally allowed to do that... Now you, go get BUSY!

Lyndsey said...

*sigh* I hear you!!! At least you're a few months away...Nick wants YEARS!