Monday, August 17, 2009

New Addiction

A couple weeks ago while browsing through blogs, I came across an ad for I went over there to check it out and now I am an addict. Have you ever been there? It's amazing--it's a bunch of ladies posting things they want to get rid of, like baby gear, kids clothes, handmade items, house goods. I had a box of yarn to get rid of and I've been making felt owls, and for that I got a new Maya Wrap ring sling and a hand crocheted bib and hat for Ingrid! Today we have to send out three packages of random things, like old onesies and a bottle brush we never used, and are expecting 2 handmade bibs, some clothes for Ingrid for this fall, and a toy car. Just for sending out our old stuff!! I am in love!

I found a woman who makes purple pocket diapers, people that hand knit sweaters, and this lovely lady that makes the cutest coats. She's got a daughter Ingrid's age and is 8 months pregnant, though, so we're going to wait until spring to get a coat from her. She's just the slightest bit busy at the moment...

I think my favorite thing about being a mom is the sense of community I've found there. We are all in this together, we all go through the same things, and it seems like we're all pretty much there to help each other out. When I was pregnant I got so many free things from people, we didn't have to buy much for Ingrid for the first nine months. I thought people must be so generous, we were so lucky. And we are lucky, and they are generous, but now I realize--no one wants that outgrown stuff laying around the house and they are glad to get rid of it :)

Anyway, just thought I'd share. It's seriously the best place, I am so glad I found it!

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