Friday, September 30, 2011

My Little Nerd

My daughter loves school--loves it!  The first week she was a little hesitant, she liked it but still wanted us to wait with her until they lined up to go to their room.  Now, though, she is pushing me away, giving me a quick hug and saying okay, bye mom!  When I picked her up yesterday she was gushing about how she did the pink tower all by herself!  (I didn't know what that was, but I was proud that she was proud of herself!)

Yesterday was an open house to show the parents the room, meet the teacher, and have the kids show us their favorite activities.  Brendan hadn't been to her school yet, so it was fun for Ingrid to show her dad where she went.  She showed us how she does the pink tower (blocks of different sizes stacked up about 15 high) and buttoning, and coloring.  I just loved to watch her do things the right way ("we push in our chairs when we get up, Mom.") and she just seemed to really love what she was doing. 

I am once again SO GLAD we have public montessori schools!  This is probably the perfect situation for us.  I was worried about "regular" school for Ingrid, but I know she's not getting enough stimulation with just me and Otis at home.  This way she gets to go to school but is challenged and her mind is worked in interesting ways.  I am so happy!


lynxymama said...

soooo good!

Fiona said...

It sounds so Montessori - the chair thing, the tower thing, etc. I am also a HUGE fan - it is such a wonderful, gentle, introduction to education.
No rote learning, no endless dull repetition, etc. How amazing that you have access to these schools publically.
And even better how much Ingrid is loving it.

MaryAnne said...

I am so jealous of your public Montessori schools - so awesome.

Isn't it great to have kids who like school?!