Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things I'm Lovin' Right Now

1. Ingrid's imagination.  She will sit with her toys and just have the best conversations with herself.  I've overheard her feeding her baby doll and saying "How many pounces did you eat, baby?  Oh, eleven thirty pounces?  Good!"  Also heard, when playing with her robot doll, in a monotone voice, "I AM A ROBOT.  I AM A ROBOT."  Yesterday we brought up the fire truck from the basement and she played rescue animals all afternoon.  I love that she can entertain herself so well!

2. Our new Bummis wrap.  It's small enough for Otis but it's got plenty of room for him to grow.  Our prefolds fit so nicely in it and it's cute and green with colorful dots all over.  I'm loving our prefolds in general.  We got some Bum Genuius XSs that are good, but last night showed me why I hate AIOs.  I thought they were dry but apparently they weren't, so we ended up having to change Otis' clothes three times in the middle of the night because they'd gotten soaked.  If I put something in the dryer for 80 MINUTES!!!  I expect it to be dry when it comes out! 

3. My family.  Last night after dinner Brendan was playing with Ingrid and I was sewing.  We had music on, a really bad 80s channel, and lots of bad songs came on, which we sang along to and Ingrid danced.  I just love our evenings when we hang out before bedtime.

4. Not being homeless!!  Brendan just found out yesterday that he can stay at his job for a couple more months while he's searching for his new job.  It's a pay cut but it's way better than the nothing we were planning on having in a couple weeks!  And we get to keep our health insurance, which is the biggest relief ever.  Brendan has had a couple phone interviews and next week he has one in Missouri.  Not sure what we think of moving there but a job is a job. 

5. This pattern.  I love it!  A friend got it for me and I've made a few pairs now.  It's so easy and so cute and the sizes are big enough for Ingrid.  I made a pair for her the other day that turned out huge, so I'll be able to use the pattern for awhile for her!  Yay.  It felt really good to sew again.


Chari said...

That's great about his job!!

uh, oh......I bought 10 xs bg aio for our newborn. Our dryer takes forever to dry anyway :-/

Amber Liddle said...

I do like the BGs, as long as I have time to let them dry. Last night I quick threw them in the dryer b/c we were running low, so it was partly my fault for being impatient...

Do you have prefolds and covers for your new babe? I am loving ours!! Newborn sized prefolds with a wrap that has double leg gussets. Cheap and practical :)

MaryAnne said...

That's great news on the job extension! Good luck finding a job - this economy is so tough.

I'm curious, have you ever tried Thirsties covers? If so, how do you think they compare to Bummis? When I started out cloth diapering, I was all about pockets, but I've done a 360 where I'm all about thirsties with prefolds now - less laundry, and no stuffing diapers! I only ever had one AIO, and they are so convenient, but take way too long to dry!

Amber Liddle said...

I haven't tried the Thirsties but I looked at them when I was at the store. They seem to be similar to Bummis, right? Double leg gussets are all I know I need :) They keep messes in so much better!! Especially with my chicken legged baby.

MaryAnne said...

Double leg gussets are the best!

I like the snaps on Thirsties - they seem to hold up better in the wash, although they take slightly longer to get on.

And I forgot to say the first time, imagination is the best!

MaryAnne said...

And I say ____ is/are the best way too much =P

ringmaster said...

ingrid sounds so much like penelope. i over hear her say to her baby dolls "i'm so proud of you!